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Slum Stories, Kenya, is a collaborative mentorship project focusing on strengthening the production and marketing skills of filmmakers from Kibera, Korogcho and Mathare.

The project was the result of an agreement between UN Habitat and the National Film Board of Canada, supporting and working with community media practitioners who create and use media for change.

Slum Stories, Kenya was a 5-month collaborative project with Ghetto Film Club, Hot Sun Foundation, and Slum TV – each located in one of three slums in Nairobi. Together we created a model for mentorship and exchange from development through to production, post-production and the release of social issue documentary short films.

The 3 films produced in this series were created by, with and for those living and working in poor urban settlements – and for all others interested in social issues and social issue documentaries.

The Burden, Lost Chance and Tale of Two Cities shed light on issues of inequity between rich and poor, as well as the resourcefulness, talent and will of those living in slums and urban settlements. Unfortunately, due to rights issues, we are only able to post 2 of the 3 films on this site.

Slum Stories, Kenya is a Global Challenge for Change community media initiative of UN Habitat and the National Film Board of Canada, in association with Ghetto Film Club, Hot Sun Foundation and Slum TV..