About this playlist

While 3D films are making a comeback today, the NFB has been exploring the medium since the 1950s with Norman McLaren's pioneering 35mm stereoscopic animated films Around Is Around and Now is the Time.

Our recent experiments in stereoscopy have merged into a production and R&D project called the NFB StereoLab and now, using Color Code® encoding to adapt some of our work for the web, we bring you the StereoLab online!

The NFB StereoLab is an experimental project exploring stereoscopic cinema. For close to 10 years, we have been using various technologies to create three dimensional images. At the heart of these experiments is SANDDE™ (Stereoscopic Animation Drawing Device), a revolutionary digital animation technology created by IMAX® Corporation which allows artists to create hand-drawn animation in 3D space.

To view the films, you will need Color Code® 3D glasses which you can order from our online store. For best results, view the films in full screen and be sure to let us know what you think.