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The National Film Board of Canada placed media maker Katerina Cizek "in residence" at Toronto's inner-city St. Michael's Hospital, renowned for innovation in patient care and research. The result is a collection of multi-platform documentaries that prove digital storytelling can work as a tool for social action. Young, homeless mothers problem-solve through "video bridging." Community-based care saves lives in southern Africa. Suicide intervention therapy and film animation intertwine. Throughout, doctors, nurses and media makers work together to create transformative tools.

The 7 Interventions of Filmmaker-in-Residence charts the project’s 5-year history, investigating the creative process from within as media makers join doctors, nurses, researchers and patients at the front-lines of urban and global health. Filmmaker-in-Residence is now recognized around the world as a model for social, cinematic and creative innovation.

Experience the Filmmaker in Residence web documentary here.

New! Check out the new project from the creators of Filmmaker-in-Residence: Highrise, a multi-year, multi-media, collaborative documentary project about the human experience in global vertical suburbs.


  • The 7 Interventions of Filmmaker-in-Residence: an 80-minute documentary film + special features
  • Filmmaker-in-Residence: The films + related special features
  • Short films: The Bicycle , The Interventionists , Hand-held , Drawing From Life
  • Filmmaker-in-Residence Web-documentary CD-ROM + resource materials