The Faith Project

The Faith Project

The Faith Project intimately observes the rituals of seven young Canadians from different faith traditions.

Each of the project’s subjects allowed the creative team access to their personal practice and expressions of faith. The user’s experience is enriched by the website and app’s capacity to expand on these practices within a Canadian context. And while shuttling between the project’s short portraits one observes striking commonalities between different traditions.

These articulate, busy young Canadians weave faith into their daily lives not as an obligation but as something that is essential to their identity and place in the world. This immersive experience will captivate and enlighten people of all faiths, and perhaps provide a deeper understanding to those seeking their own personal form of spiritual expression.

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  • The Faith Project - Focus and Distraction
    2015|4 min

    Kashif Pasta is a recent university graduate and a filmmaker from Surrey, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver. As a young Muslim studying in downtown Vancouver, Kashif struggles to find time and space to perform his daily prayers. He manages to find a quiet spot in a secluded stairwell on campus, even though his focus is interrupted by the occasional passerby.

  • The Faith Project - Making Space
    2015|4 min

    Preetinder Narang is a behaviour specialist for children with autism, and a Sikh living in the metropolitan area of Vancouver, British Columbia. Preetinder and her husband, Manpreet, perform daily prayers together every evening in the family home her mother designed, a home that was built around their family prayer room.

  • The Faith Project - Breaking Bread
    2015|5 min

    Allison Chubb is a chaplain at the University of Manitoba and an ordained priest in the Anglican Church. She “loiters with intent” on campus, counselling students of all backgrounds. She also connects physically with God through the Christian service of Eucharist in the university chapel that is under her stewardship.

  • The Faith Project - Urban Kora
    2015|6 min

    Sonam Tsering is a freelance DJ and community organizer in Toronto, Ontario. Despite his frantic schedule—working in the family store and volunteering in the Tibetan community—he quietly recites Buddhist mantras in the bus with his prayer beads, and makes time to visit the neighbourhood monastery.

  • The Faith Project - Kindest Spirit
    2015|5 min

    Ivana Yellowback is a student and youth mentor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a Cree woman living in the city and away from her land, she struggles to maintain her spiritual identity. Knowing that other Aboriginal youth struggle as she does, she helps them find balance by re-engaging with traditional practices that have been suppressed for centuries.

  • The Faith Project - The Four Pillars
    2015|7 min

    Jetan Mistry is a mechanical engineer who has grown up in the Swaminarayan Hindu community in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario. The opulent temple near his home is the focal point in his life. In its halls of carved marble, he softens and lays down before sacred images of deities and gurus.

  • The Faith Project - Circling
    2015|7 min

    Aviva Chernick is a recording, performing and touring musician, a prayer leader and a teacher of voice and prayer at congregations in and around Toronto, Ontario, and as a guest across North America. She anchors her leadership of Jewish worship through private prayers in her home, combining traditional Jewish practice with mindfulness and chanting.