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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Ages 15-17)

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Ages 15-17)

Every single person on this planet will experience gender and sexuality in a variety of ways. This playlist asks its viewers to consider the multitude of stories experienced by 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and communities in order to create deeper, more empathetic understandings of what it means to be 2SLGBTQIA+ and additionally, to open up conversations about what it means for anyone to experience gender and sexuality.

Pour visionner cette sélection en français, cliquez ici.

Films in This Playlist Include
Love, Scott
Universe Within – Guangzhou
In Other Words
Last Chance
Niish Manidoowag (Two-Spirited Beings)
My Prairie Home
Someone Like Me

  • Love, Scott
    2018|1 h 16 min

    Watch on June 1st

    Following the journey of a young gay musician who is attacked and paralyzed from the waist down, Love, Scott is an intimate and visually evocative window into queer experience, set against a stunning score by Sigur Rós.

  • Universe Within - Guangzhou
    2015|3 min

    Through the internet, Ling has arranged for herself a "mock marriage" to a gay man, to conceal her lesbian identity from her parents, with whom she lives in a highrise apartment in Guangzhou, China's 3rd largest city.

  • Last Chance
    2012|1 h 24 min

    This feature documentary tells the stories of 5 asylum seekers who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence. They face hurdles integrating into Canada, fear deportation and anxiously await a decision that will change their lives forever.

  • My Prairie Home
    2013|1 h 16 min

    In this feature documentary-musical by Chelsea McMullan, indie singer Rae Spoon takes us on a playful, meditative and at times melancholic journey. Set against majestic images of the infinite expanses of the Canadian Prairies, the film features Spoon crooning about their queer and musical coming of age. Interviews, performances and music sequences reveal Spoon’s inspiring process of building a life of their own, as a trans person and as a musician.

    Official selection at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

  • Paula
    2019|9 min

    Before her operation, Paula was the husband, father, son and neighbour known as Paul. Now, she’s the only transgender person her community has ever met.

  • Someone Like Me
    2021|1 h 19 min

    TRIGGER WARNING: This film contains scenes depicting homophobia and violence, which may be disturbing to some viewers.

    Someone Like Me follows the parallel journeys of Drake, a gay asylum seeker from Uganda, and a group of strangers from Vancouver’s queer community who are tasked with supporting his resettlement in Canada. Together, they embark on a year-long quest for personal freedom, revealing how in a world where one must constantly fight for the right to exist, survival itself becomes a victory.

  • Unarchived
    2022|1 h 24 min

    In community archives across British Columbia, local knowledge keepers are hand-fashioning a more inclusive history. Through a collage of personal interviews, archival footage and deeply rooted memories, the past, present and future come together, fighting for a space where everyone is seen and everyone belongs. History is what we all make of it.

  • In Other Words
    2001|27 min

    This short documentary explores homophobic language and its consequences among teenagers. Name-calling and cruel language hurt, say the teens who speak in this video. Homophobic language is a common verbal put-down among young people, but many adults feel uncomfortable responding. This video is a tool for teachers, counsellors and youth groups to explore the origins of the words, how young people feel about them and how to overcome the pain they cause.