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The Mountain of SGaana - Mini-Lesson

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  • Activity #1: Making Connections

    The blanket Mouse Woman is knitting resembles a Chilkat blanket, a ceremonial robe only used on special occasions. These blankets were woven using mountain goat wool spun over a cedar string. It takes 3-4 months to prep the wool and can take years to finish robe. The designs have meaning and connections to oral tradition like a historical document.

    Student reflection:

    What are the designs on the blanket throughout the film? What are the connections between the design and the actions of the characters in the story?

    Discuss as a class or in small groups. 

  • Activity #2: Think-Pair-Share

    Have students partner up and discuss, then pick a few students to share their ideas with the whole class:

    How do you know what is happening between characters when there is no dialogue (talking between characters)?

    Write a dialogue for the scene in the clip. Give the characters names. What do you think the characters would say to each other and why?