International Women’s Day

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The impact, both personal and political, of the NFB's rich and diverse history of films by and about women continues to resonate today. Feminist films produced primarily out of the renowned Studio D have been provocative, treasured, and celebrated for offering a vision of what a society dedicated to justice could be.

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Scroll down on this page to find links to a playlist of NFB films by and about women, a photo essay about the women who have made the NFB run, and blog posts by animation producer Julie Roy and curator Marc St-Pierre about women's contributions to Canadian cinema.

Women filmmakers of the NFB

The NFB has a great history of female filmmakers

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Women in Animation: Facts and Perceptions

by animation producer Julie Roy

The Oscars® recently won by Suzie Templeton (Peter and the Wolf , 2006) and Torill Kove (The Danish Poet, 2006) suggest that women now occupy a privileged place in the world of animation. The Cristals won in Annecy by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis (When the Day Breaks, 1999), Suzie Templeton, Michaela Pavlatova (Tram , 2012) and Regina Pessoa (Tragic Story with a Happy Ending, 2005) give the same impression. Yet did you know that, since 2000, fewer than 20% of short films selected for official competition at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival have been by women?

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Women and Film: A tribute to the female pioneers of the NFB

By Marc St-Pierre, Collection Curator

At the time of the NFB’s founding in 1939, there were no women on staff. But as the Second World War intensified and founder John Grierson was faced with the prospect of a long conflict and large numbers of male employees leaving for the European front, he brought women into the Board. In a 1968 interview, Grierson stated that women made up “the other half” of the NFB’s creative workforce during the War. While it is certainly true that women were a creative force, they certainly were not half the staff. At most, they made up 20 percent of the production team – and very few played key creative roles…

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