You're No Good

This short fiction tells the story of Eddie, a young man who "borrows" a motorbike parked in front of a store and takes his girl for a spin—a brash decision with disastrous and alienating consequences. The film, a commentary on a society that often offers youth little purpose or sense of accomplishment, is a play-by-play exploration of the clash between young people's impulsiveness and society's need for law and order.

Film Credits

George Kaczender
George Kaczender
John Kemeny
François Séguillon
Derek Holloway
Michael Sarrazin

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  • pravica

    “I enjoyed this film immensely. However, I don't understand why the Toronto police would go to such trouble to apprehend an aimless teenager who "borrowed" a small motorbike but otherwise seemed like a decent kid (by today's standards). Perhaps there was alot less violence in Canada then (unlike the race riots in the US and Viet Nam at that time). ” — pravica, 20 Apr 2011

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