We Were There

We Were There

                                    We Were There
| 1 h 3 min
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In 1965, six young priests in their twenties - Carlos, Eloy, Antonio, Jesús, Julio and Miguel – leave their native Spain to discover the World. As missionaries in Bolivia, they want to change mentalities. But they’ll be the ones changed: witness to great Latin-American revolutions, they rub shoulders with Che Guevara’s guerrilleros, hide weapons and wounded men, preach for a Liberation Theology. Kicked out of the country, expelled by the Church, these good friends ended up splitting. Now in their seventies, they live in different parts of the World: Latin America, Spain, Quebec. Most renounced to their holy vows, some married, had children. While the elder shows worrying signs of Alzheimer, they’ve decided to take back the journey that has changed their lives. The youngest’s daughter, Sandra Rodríguez, filmmaker, has decided to follow them. A witty and joyful trip into their memories, We Were There gives voice to six old friends and their surprising destinies. Beyond heroic tales, forgotten memories and mixed-up versions of History, what is left of their utopias?

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  • director
    Sandra Rodriguez
  • producer
    Sylvie Gagné
    Daniel Plante
    Sonia Despars

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