Tourist Go Home

This short film is a humorous look at the tourist industry in Canada. In tongue-in-cheek fashion, it points out the importance of good public relations in the tourist industry - more specifically, what not to do to tourists.

Film Credits

Stanley Jackson
Ronald Weyman
Walford Hewitson
executive producer
Peter Jones
Reginald Morris
Claude Pelletier
David Green
Maureen Balfe
Lucien Marleau
Ron Alexander
John Vernon
Nancy West
Olive de Wilton
Donald McGill
Griffith Brewer
Alex Baird

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  • MelBennett

    “A funny delightful film that is one of many NFB films to showcase the Canadian self-effacing humour. Love the line, "We don't buy the film, that would be stealing and unCanadian. We borrow it for one weekend...we make a copy from which we make our own version..."” — MelBennett, 21 Jul 2014

  • Darcey007

    “Great stuff. I love the "Tourist Go Home Award."” — Darcey007, 21 Jul 2014

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