Targets: Reporters in Iraq

Targets: Reporters in Iraq

| 47 min

Since 2004, the war in Iraq has become impossibly dangerous for journalists. Few remain there and fewer still venture outside the Green Zone or work unembedded. In this powerful documentary we meet some reporters and photographers who are covering events.

Among them are Canadian Scott Taylor and Turkish journalist Zeynep Tugrul, who were kidnapped and tortured by an Al-Queda-related group in Tal Afar, one of the most hazardous spots in Iraq. They managed to talk their way out! We also meet Iraqis covering the war and see how the violence against reporters affects them as well.

Several award-winning photographers from The New York times, The Guardian and Newsweek contribute their incredible stories. Indeed, the targeting of media professionals in Iraq has changed war journalism itself.

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  • director
    Maziar Bahari
  • producer
    Josette Gauthier
    Peter Svatek
  • writer
    Peter Svatek
    Maziar Bahari
  • photography
    Stefan Nitoslawski
    Maziar Bahari
  • editor
    Denis Papillon
  • original music
    Ganesh Anandan
  • sequence director
    Stefan Nitoslawski
  • opening title sequence
    Kristan Manchester
  • participation
    Gaith Abdul-ahad
    Hannah Allam
    Georges Chesnot
    Alan Chin
    Ashley Gilbertson
    Chris Hondros
    Ban Sarhan
    Giuliana Sgrena
    Scott Taylor
    Haghi Thaer
    Zeynep Tugrul
  • narration
    Cas Anvar
  • sound
    Maziar Bahari
    Stefan Nitoslawski
  • additional sound
    Stefano Varini
    Julien Brossard
    Patrick Ferland
    Chantal Rhéaume
  • musician
    Claude Maheu
    Vassil Markov
    Rafik Samman
    Ganesh Anandan
  • research
    Josette Gauthier
    Peter Svatek
  • archival research
    Nadine Landry
  • production coordinator
    Nadine Landry
  • transcription
    Erich Cripton
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    Madiana Al-Housseiny
    Mohammed Sheraidah
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    Paul Hubert
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    Éric Lagacé
  • re-recording mixer
    Roger Guérin
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    John Chretien