Spirit of the Trees: Circle of Life

Woodland tribes like the Yankton Sioux, Menominee and Objibwe share their perspectives on why cultural diversity and biodiversity are interconnected. You will experience how, through years of dedication and listening to their elders, the Menominee have created one of the most outstanding examples of sustainable forestry in the world. From black ash basket making to building sweat lodges, this film takes you to the lands of tribal artists, elders and land managers living sustainably with deep, healthy spiritual traditions tied to trees and forests.

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Floyd Red Crow Westerman
executive producer
Shannon Ramsay
Catherine Busch-Johnston
Catherine Busch-Johnston
cultural consultant
Maria Pearson
educational consultant
Janette Monear
Catherine Busch-Johnston
Janette Monear
Catherine Busch-Johnston
makeup artist
Sara Chameides


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