Silence the Earth

Silence the Earth

Catherine Fol
| 16 min

Verbal violence, psychological influence and the power that comes with money determine most borders--those within the home as well as those between nations. When Stephen's room becomes someone else's territory for a short while, it becomes obvious just how fragile borders are.

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  • director
    Catherine Fol
  • script
    Catherine Fol
  • producer
    Dagmar Teufel
    Jacques Vallée
  • cinematography
    Pierre Letarte
  • sound
    Yves Gendron
  • editing
    Martine Cossette
    Catherine Fol
  • sound editing
    Alice Wright
    Lucie Fortier
    Louis Dupire
    Serge Lafortune
  • re-recording
    Louis Hone
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Shelley Craig
  • animation
    Yvon Mallette
  • music
    Jocelyn Therrien
  • cast
    Yves Dubreuil
    Yannick Beaudoin
    Léo Kalinda
    Marie-Noël Azur
    Ruth Wabo
    Jean-Molière Estinvil
    Kim Lee
    Papsy Marin
    Joseph Palazzo
    Deepak Massand
    René Geoffrion