Sharia in Canada - 1st Part - Something to Fear?

Sharia in Canada is a 2-part documentary series that delves into the debate over Islamic tribunals in Ontario. In December 2004, the Boyd Report recommended that Ontario authorize Islamic tribunals based on the sharia, a system of justice directly inspired by the Koran. In September 2005, however, Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty banned all religious arbitration, whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian.

Over those 10 months, a heated debate played out across the country and revealed the contradictions of multiculturalism. Sharia in Canada seeks to illustrate this debate by drawing upon a cross-section of opinions and, in particular, the views of Muslim women.

In French with English subtitles.

Film Credits

Dominique Cardona
Danièle Caloz
Claudette Jaiko
Fatima Houda-Pepin
Tarek Fatah
Andrée Côté
Amira Elias
Nuzhat Jafri
Al Hussein Al Rafie
Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens
Faisal Kutty
Mubin Shaikh
Norma Joseph
Ioannis Ktistakis
Dede Abdûlhalim
Samim Akgönül
Dounia Bouzar
Kathleen Fee
Valéry Vlad
original music
Tom Third
director of photography
Mark Caswell
sound recordist
Margus Jukkum
Emmanuelle Walker
Julie Moureau
Gino Zolezzi
Hilda Rasula
sound mix
Cherry Beach Sound
Inaam Haq
executive producer
Danièle Caloz

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  • bumppo

    “in her opening this narrator mispronounces the word 'sharia' by accenting on the first syllable instead of the second” — bumppo, 5 Jun 2012

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