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Canada Screens
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In 1962 suburban Winnipeg, 12-year-old Sarah is forced to come to terms with a mother whose fragile health and inappropriate behaviour cause problems for the entire family. Her father refuses to acknowledge the damage being done by his wife’s mental illness, so Sarah must use her creativity, inner strength, and a new friend to make sense of it all.

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  • director
    Shelagh Carter
  • producer
    Polly Washburn

  • Nick55

    What a beautiful film. So dissapointed by the streaming problems and lack of buffering. There is no way to see the film in one go without messing around with the quality constantly and having it be reset. I spent at least an hour messing around with the settings are rewind-fast-forwarding back. Advice, rent on youtube. At least you can see the film for enjoyment without making it a technical project.

    Nick55, 28 Jul 2017

Canada Screens
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