Painted Tales - In Winter Still

Monet spent some of his most prolific years painting at his home in Giverny surrounded by his family and many visitors. His home and garden were a sanctuary for the painter and a play area for the children at Giverny. In Winter Still takes us into Monet's garden and captures the essence of his Giverny years.

The story is inspired by one of Oscar Wilde's classic fairy tales. When Monet's selfish gardener bans the children from playing in the gardens, spring refuses to come, and the frost is relentless. Without his garden and young visitors, Monet loses his desire to paint. Only a remarkable little boy can bring life back into Monet's garden paradise and inspire him to paint again.

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Film Credits

Umesh Shukla
Umesh Shukla
Fionna McLaren
Kate Myers
John Lee
character design
Mitchell Bernal
Umesh Shukla
Land Marvel Studio

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