Out of Mind, Out of Sight (Clip)

Out of Mind, Out of Sight (Clip)

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This feature documentary profiles four residents of the Brockville Mental Health Centre, a forensic psychiatric hospital for people who have committed violent crimes. Four patients—two men and two women—struggle to gain control over their lives so they can return to a society that often fears and demonizes them. Shrouded in stigma, institutions like this one are places into which patients disappear from public view for years. Four-time Emmy winner John Kastner was granted unprecedented access to the Brockville facility for 18 months, allowing 46 patients and 75 staff to share their experiences with stunning frankness.

Film Credits

John Kastner
John Kastner
John Kastner
Deborah Parks
Silva Basmajian
executive producer
Silva Basmajian
Michael Hannan
director of photography
John Westheuser
Derek Rogers
location sound recording
Doug Kaye
Bruce Fowler
Nicole Rogers
supervising sound editor
Stephen Barden
recording mixer
Stephen Barden
sound effects editor
Niall Collins
Patton Rodrigues
Mark Alberts

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