On the Road with La Mouette

This feature documentary follows Le Théâtre de La Mouette, a travelling puppet theatre company comprised of a husband, his wife and their 3 teenage sons. The family has crossed Canada from east to west, and north to the Yukon, taking their amusing play (with a serious ecological message) to remote towns and villages. This film traces their 7th trip in 10 years, this time to the Maritimes and Newfoundland.


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Film Credits

Louise Dupont
Philippe d' Hauterive
Philippe d' Hauterive
François Aubry
Louise Dupont
Simon d' Hauterive
Félix d' Hauterive
Étienne d' Hauterive
Philippe d' Hauterive
Meaghan Brake
Vincent Désormeaux
John Grant
Lori Heath
Sean Jones
Jillian Loder
Ruth MacNevin
Josianne Ménard
Loyola O'Brien
Charles Pendwell
Chantal Penney
Hugo Tremblay
Megan Wells
director of photography
François Aubry
location sound
Germain Bériau
original music
Peter Measroch
Réjean Garneau
Louise Dupont
picture editing
François Aubry
Louise Dupont
sound editing
Tony Reed
Lise Wedlock
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
Jacques Turgeon

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