The New Life of Paul Sneijder

The New Life of Paul Sneijder

                                    The New Life of Paul Sneijder
| 1 h 54 min
Canada Screens
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Paul Sneijder, the sole survivor of a lift accident in which his daughter lost her life. Ever since that day, his perception of reality has been enhanced, as if someone had turned up the volume of the din produced by the world around him. But how can he go on living with his tyrannical wife who is cheating on him? He makes a start by switching occupation: a dog walker, now that's an appealing prospect. And lots of other things besides… A new life seems to be beckoning...

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  • director
    Thomas Vincent
  • producer
    Pierre Forette
    Thierry Wong
    André Rouleau
    Valérie D'auteuil

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