Margaret Atwood: Once in August

In Margaret Atwood: Once in August, filmmaker Michael Rubbo attempts to discover what shapes the celebrated writer's fiction and what motivates her characters. As one of Canada's most distinguished poets and novelists, Atwood is also one of this country's most elusive literary figures.


  • ArtfeltMover

    “Wonderfully refreshing in her candid and authentic humility. A deep pleasure to watch; but why does Michael conclude that Margaret has eluded him? It seems he concludes that because she did not provide the answer he was looking for, she did not answer at all; I didn't see it this way. And yet, what a beautiful illustration of humanity's selective perception. grattitude ... :)” — ArtfeltMover, 22 Oct 2011

  • deyemkay

    “Nice to see Margaret Atwood as a person and a character in this film.Really impressed.” — deyemkay, 28 Jan 2011

  • “the filmmakers are a bit too precious sand pleased with themselves, and give a bit too much credit to their own ideas. wish they'd edited themselves out a bit.” — beckyinquebecky, 15 Apr 2010

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Film Credits

Michael Rubbo
Michael Rubbo
Michael Rubbo
Barrie Howells
executive producer
Barrie Howells
Michael Rubbo
Merrily Weisbord
Andreas Poulsson
Zoe Dirse
Andy McBrearty
Ingrid Cusiel
sound editing
Stephan Steinhouse
Hans Peter Strobl

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