Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven

| 16 min

A place utterly unique in British Columbia and the world, Richmond’s No. 5 Road, also known as the “Highway to Heaven,” hosts a multitude of faiths. Side by side are numerous houses of worship, including Buddhist temples, a Sikh gurdwara, Hindu and Swami temples, Shia and Sunni mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish, Islamic and Christian schools. Filmmaker Sandra Ignagni merges beautiful, carefully framed images with a symphonic soundscape that illuminates the intimate lives of the faithful. An evocative documentary that is both a meditation on multiculturalism and a subtle critique of the tensions that underlie cultural diversity in Canada today.

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  • participation
    Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre/ Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy
    Evangelical Formosan Church of Greater Vancouver
    India Cultural Centre of Canada/ Gurdwara Nanak Niwas
    Kingswood Pub
    Lingyen Mountain Temple
    Mylora Executive Golf Course
    Richmond Jewish Day School
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Richmond Detachment
    Thrangu Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
    Trinity Pacific Evangelical Church
    Vedic Centre
  • writer
    Sandra Ignagni
  • director
    Sandra Ignagni
  • producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
  • associate producer
    Teri Snelgrove
  • line producer
    Jennifer Roworth
  • director of photography
    Andrew Coppin
  • editor
    Milena Salazar
  • sound design
    Eva Madden
  • sound recordist
    Lisa Kolisnyk
    David Pullmer
  • 1st assistant camera
    Mikah Sharkey
  • 2nd assistant camera
    Eva Brownstein
  • data wrangler
    Odessa Shuquaya
  • gaffer
    Paul Murakami
  • grip
    Chalane Hayward
  • production coordinator
    Kristyn Stilling
  • technical coordinator
    Wes Machnikowski
  • production assistant
    Josephine Anderson
    Ahmad Ali Jaffer
    Sayyidah Jaffer
    Hoi Bing Mo
    Milena Salazar
    Baljit Sangra
  • graphic designer
    Tim Linklater
  • colourist
    Lionel Barton
  • re-recording mixer
    Greg Stewart
    Joe Watts
  • project participant
    Abba Brodt
    Dale Burdhial
    Chris Carmichael
    Carol Day
    Kevin Krygier
    Bill McNulty
    Savitri Narayan
    Harold Steves
    Justin Tse
  • development mentorship
    J.P. Sniadecki
    Brett Story
  • UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art - summer intensive
    Christopher Allen
    Lucila Moctezuma
    Martha Shane
  • marketing manager
    Kay Rondonneau
  • publicist
    Katja De Bock
  • studio administrator
    Carla Jones
  • executive producer
    Shirley Vercruysse
  • executive director
    Michelle van Beusekom