For Man Must Work or The End of Work

This feature documentary offers a reflection on the changing reality of work. The 20th century has seen the creation of colossal wealth and exploding economies. Yet, the days of industry providing mass employment are over. In the global economy, human resources are being replaced more and more by technology. Will this revolution mean the end of work as we know it? Contributing to the discussion are V. Forrester, author of The Economic Horror; US economist J. Rifkin; J. Attali, former president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and other experts.

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Jean-Claude Bürger
Jean-Claude Bürger
Luc Gonthier
Jacques Leduc
location sound
Jean-Denis Daoust
Serge Bouvier
Diane Carrière
picture editing
Babalou Hamelin
sound editing
Leopoldo Gutierrez
archival research
Nancy Marcotte
Jeremy Rifkin
Ignacio Ramonet
Jacques Attali
Vivianne Forrester
Christiane Boulet
Ricardo Petrella
Delphine Merieau
Ian MacDonald
John W. Kingston
Beatriz Lujan
Miguel Angel Calderon
Martha Ojeda
Maryline Quaglia
Robert Giovanardi
Glory Poirier
music composer
François Beausoleil
Monique Vézina
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
Jean-Claude Bürger
Éric Michel


  • merrymaven

    “Much of this unemployment has increased since the making of this film. How should we rethink our schools, our lives? ” — merrymaven, 18 Feb 2013

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