The Dark Years - Episode 2

A look at the impact of the Great Depression years on Canada and its people. What started with an economic crash in 1929 would end only with the guns of World War II. Of the many stories and legacies of the Great Depression, perhaps its greatest is that it created a modern Canada: more questioning of the power of government, inclined toward social policies like welfare and health care, and prepared to play a role in international affairs and economies.

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Steven Silver
animation director
John Halfpenny
Steve Lucas
Laszlo Barna
Chuck Gammage Animation Inc.
Gerry Flahive
executive producer
Laszlo Barna
Steven Silver
Silva Basmajian
Maury Chaykin
David Fox
Zachary Bennett
Michael Hanrahan
R.H. Thompson
Alex Poch-Goldin
Adrian Egan
Ron White
Ivan Sherry
Corinne Conley
David Sparrow
Adriana Disman
Marc Strange
Benedict Campbell
Richard Binsley
Mitchell Kramer
Micheline Marchildon
Jeff Roop
Nick Hector
sound design
Daniel Pellerin
mixing supervisor
Daniel Pellerin
music composer
Mark Korven
Cathy Nosaty
Richard A. Stringer
original research
Barbara Sears
head of visual research
Elspeth Domville
visual researcher
Mark Faassen
Kathie McKenna
sound editor
Geoff Raffan
Daniel Hamood
sound design
James Mark Stewart
re-recording mixer
Jan Rudy
foley artist
Stefan Fraticelli
animation director
Firas Momani
character design
John Halfpenny
art direction
John Halfpenny
Pasquale Lamontagna
traditional animation
Chuck Gammage


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