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This feature documentary, directed by Inuvialuit filmmaker Dennis Allen, is an emotional, honest, and revealing exploration of substance abuse among First Nations people in Canada. We meet Alex, Stephen, Paula and Desirae, who courageously share their experiences. Alex's struggles with alcoholism were an attempt to forget the abuse he suffered at a residential school. Stephen was trying to bury a childhood trauma. For Paula and Desirae, two mothers with a history of addiction, family becomes the key to breaking the cycle of abuse. Like his subjects, the director himself is a recovering alcoholic. Ultimately, all the survivors in this film maintain a deep and devoted commitment to their traditional Aboriginal cultures as a means to achieving long-term sobriety.

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  • Leslikianna

    “This film is about my family my uncle made this film and it is really heart touching ” — Leslikianna, 23 Nov 2015

  • cliner

    “A very tight film for an interview style narrative documentary. Honest, real, true to life. ” — cliner, 23 Nov 2014

  • Wapscawkihewawasis

    “Great job of bringing the reality of our First Nation people to light. Hats off to the courage of the people who took part and shared their story. ” — Wapscawkihewawasis, 17 Jul 2014

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