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Online Workshops

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Online Workshops

Turn your classroom into a film studio

We offer documentary, animation and digital storytelling courses and resources for the classroom.
No need for special expertise or advanced equipment.

Our ready-to-use teaching modules include:

  • lesson plans;
  • teaching guides;
  • tutorials and practical exercises;
  • evaluation grids;
  • an equipment list.

We design resources based on:

  • school subjects at any grade level;
  • project duration: one day, one week, one semester or an academic year;
  • all types of programs: regular, enriched, learning disability, after-school.

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Our new workshops are launching in 2016.

You can be among the first to learn about workshop updates and launch dates. Send us an e-mail at onlineworkshops@nfb.ca and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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