We Were Children Virtual Classroom

We Were Children Virtual Classroom

This special professional development event was hosted by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada and the Legacy of Hope Foundation. It provided educators with a valuable opportunity to examine and reflect upon the impact and legacy of Canada’s Residential School System. During this dark chapter of Canadian history, thousands of Aboriginal children were torn from their families and communities in order to be educated and assimilated into mainstream Canadian culture. Designed for teachers of Grades 9–12 and college- or CEGEP-level courses, this NFB Virtual Classroom focused not only on the school system and its impact across generations but also on the importance of resilience, and how we can participate in the reconciliation process.


Trina Cooper-Bolam of the Legacy of Hope Foundation, and Residential School Survivor Viola Thomas of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission..


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To participate, educators must watch We Were Children prior to the Virtual Classroom. It is available for rent or purchase and can also be accessed online by CAMPUS clients. Educators will be offered suggestions and ideas to guide their reflection on the film.
Warning: This film contains disturbing content. If you need emotional support, please contact Health Canada.

A $10 discount will be given, at registration, to CAMPUS subscribers. Contact us to get your promotional code. Your ministry of education or school board may have already purchased a subscription; to check to see if they have or to inquire about purchasing a subscription for you or your school, contact us.