David Suzuki and Adam van Koeverden in your classroom

David Suzuki and Adam van Koeverden in your classroom

Would your students like to pick the brains of Dr. David Suzuki and Canadian Olympic kayaker Adam van Koeverden? Now is their chance! Classrooms across Canada will connect virtually with these two Canadian heroes and engage in a real-time conversation about one of our country's greatest environmental issues: water conservation. Presented by the National Film Board of Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation, the event will take place right in your classroom.


Dr. David Suzuki and Adam van Koeverden, Canadian Olympic Medallist. Moderated by CBC Vancouver’s Johanna Wagstaffe.


  • Technology Education
  • Science
  • Health/Personal Development
  • Social Studies


  • Students between the ages of 11 and 17

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To prepare for this virtual classroom experience, log on to CAMPUS, the NFB’s online streaming service for schools (or check out NFB.ca), and get inspired by our online playlist of related films, including Toxic Trespass, Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes and Waterlife. Next, have students discuss the films, drawing on the resources provided as the interdisciplinary guide Films for change, and prepare questions for David and Adam, submitting them to us via e-mail by November 8.  A select number of students will be chosen to ask their questions directly to David and Adam in front of their peers across Canada.

A $10 discount is available to CAMPUS subscribers. Your ministry of education or school board may have already purchased a subscription for you. Please click on the following links to check if your organization already has a subscription or to purchase a subscription for yourself or your school. To take advantage of this discount please contact us at info@nfb.ca for a promotional code to use at the time of your online registration.


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