Canada’s public libraries play a vital cultural role within their communities, and the NFB enjoys a longstanding relationship with many of these institutions across the country.

  • CAMPUS for Libraries

    A subscription to CAMPUS offers libraries enhanced access to the NFB collection, with public screening rights to NFB films.

    Benefits include:

    • MARC records, facilitating easy electronic management of bibliographic information.
    • IP authentication services, allowing institution-wide screenings of NFB productions.


  • NFB Film Club

    The NFB Film Club offers public libraries the opportunity to host free public screenings of a range of titles, from new releases to classics. Screening programs can be tailored to different ages and audiences. Marketing material and support is available to participating libraries.

    For more information, join us.

  • Request DVDs

    Over 6,000 NFB titles are available in DVD format for educational use.
    Browse the titles here. If you can`t find the one you want, browse all our titles here.


  • Download Catalogue

    Our Institutions and Public Libraries Catalogue, available as a downloadable PDF, features new releases.

Contact us for details on CAMPUS and other NFB services available to libraries.


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