Educational Apps for the Classroom

Designed for mobile devices, our award-winning collection of educational apps for the Classroom offer flexible 21st-century options to learners of all ages.

Ranging from historical graphic novels to do-it-yourself animation, our apps can also enliven classroom learning. Simply connect an iPad 2 to a projector and share our apps with the whole class.

  • NFB StopMo Studio

    Download the new and improved version of our popular stop-motion animation app PixStop, now re-named StopMo Studio. The app boasts several new features and an easy-to-use interface. Get creative—the only limits are in your imagination! 

    iPad2 + 

  • CIRCA 1948

    This interactive art app explores how the social dynamics of poverty and wealth influence urban planning. This immersive media experience for Canadian History and Social Studies deals with topics such as Canadian politics, economic recession, police corruption, and the black market economy.



    Great for students in Media Studies, this iPad app is inspired by the genius of filmmaker and animation pioneer Norman McLaren. It includes a compilation of over 50 award-winning films by McLaren and offers students a chance to experiment with his paper cut-out, scratch-on-film, and synthetic sound animation techniques.


  • The Loxleys and the War of 1812

    The graphic novel gets interactive—and history comes alive. A defining event in Canada’s past is evoked through the story of a fictional Upper Canadian family.  

    iPad - Free in Canada
    iPad - International version


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