Buyers and administrators

Thousands of NFB films and a growing number of interactive productions are available for educational purposes. They are accessible in various formats and across a range of platforms.

Subject matter ranges from social studies to the creative arts, with special collections on environmental studies, racism, global issues and other key subjects. Our bank of teaching aids facilitates classroom use at all grade levels.

In addition to conventional classrooms, many private and public organizations also use NFB productions for educational and training purposes.

  • Educational Institutions

    Our resources are used by leading Canadian universities, school boards, educational ministries and thousands of local schools across Canada and around the world.

  • Libraries

    Most public and private libraries across Canada and many around the world acquire NFB titles. MARC records and IP authentication services are provided.

  • Institutions and Businesses

    Many private companies and public agencies employ NFB productions for outreach and training. They include social service and healthcare providers; policing and correctional agencies; financial institutions; museums; and community-based non-profit organizations.

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