McLaren Now: Program 2

1 h 7 min

2014 marks the centenary of the birth of Norman McLaren, this affable explorer of cinema's uncharted territories, this adventurer of the most astonishing visual and soundscapes.

Surprising, stimulating, inventive, rich in processes, techniques and experimentation, McLaren's body of work has left a lasting impact on the history of cinema and inspired many filmmakers all over the world.

The NFB and the Annecy Festival are joining forces to celebrate the legacy and creative spirit of the filmmaker for this centenary celebration. McLaren Now is three programmes of films, the first of which can be seen exclusively online on, while the other two will have premiered at Annecy. These three programmes are made up of films taking into account, sometimes literally, sometimes indirectly, the important influence of McLaren's filmmaking. McLaren Now also confirms a McLaren family, a sort of Genealogy Tree nourished by the generous sap of the work of this incomparable artist.

From Canada to Japan, the USA to Austria, France to the Netherlands and a stopover in Great Britain, McLaren's heirs are numerous, namely: Mirai Mizue, Steven Woloshen, Paul Bush, Oerd van Cuijlenborg, Jean-Louis Bompoint, Marie-Josée St-Pierre, Richard Reeves and Michael Langan...