Hollow Land

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14 min
Michelle Kranot & Uri Kranot

This animated short is a story about the eternal search for home. Hollow Land begins, as all such searches must, with the dream of utopia. Solomon and Berta are two seekers who arrive—their treasured bathtub improbably in tow—in a land that promises respite from their many journeys. From the first optimistic moments after their arrival, to the final haunting scene at sea, Hollow Land captures the state of being displaced—whether by circumstance or by choice.

Awards and distinctions

  • Grand prix Jacques Languirand Festival de films de Portneuf sur l'environnement - Saint-Casimir, 2015
  • Pont d'or Festival de cinéma d'animation - Pontarlier, 2015
  • First Prize from the Brazilian Association of Documentary and Short Films/ Pernambucan Filmmakers Association Brazilian Association of Documentary and Short Films/ Pernambucan Filmmakers Association - Recife, 2014
  • Best Art Direction Brasil Stop Motion Festival - Recife, 2014
  • Alberto Sánchez Special Award International Film Festival - Huesca, 2014
  • Best Animation Award International Film Festival - Brooklyn, 2014
  • Special Mention Animfest - Athens, 2014
  • Synchro Film & Video Material Prize- worth 1500 Euro Tricky Women International Women's Animated Film Festival - Vienna, 2014
  • Special Achievement Award Anilogue International Animation Festival - Budapest, 2013
  • Special Mention Animation Festival (BAF) - Bradford, 2013
  • Award for Animation Techniques International Animated Film Festival - Banjaluka, 2013
  • Special Mention for the Cartoon d’Or nomination Encounters International Short Film Festival - Bristol, 2013
  • Award of The Union of Bulgarian Artists – painting World Festival of Animated Film - Varna, 2013
  • Best Independent Short (award given by ASIFA Israel) Animix Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv, 2013
  • Amnesty Award Film Festival - Giffoni, 2013
  • Special Mention International Countryside Animafest Cypres - Pissouri, 2013
  • Honorable Mention International Film Festival - Jerusalem, 2013