Road Movies

A selection of films to keep the little ones entertained on your summer holiday drive.
  • Film

    Paddle to the Sea

    Water journey
    Dive into this refreshing odyssey from Lake Superior to the sea with Bill Mason’s Oscar-nominated adaptation of the tale of an Indian boy who carved a man and a canoe and sent them down river.
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    The Girl Who Hated Books

    Bookworm? Not!
    Meet Meena, a young girl who hates books with a passion, until circumstances force her to crack one open. Who knew they held the key to a whole new universe?
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    The Underground Movie

    Keep digging, Watson
    What would happen if you started digging a hole in the ground and didn’t stop? This animated short tells the story of an ingenious machine - Old Chucknose - whose purpose and mission is to do just that.