Aboriginal Peoples

An in-depth look at important issues in Aboriginal communities.
  • Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny

    An ethnographic comedy
    Poking fun at the Inuit people’s status as “exotic” documentary subjects, this satirical film examines the strange and curious customs of Qallunaat—the Inuit word for white people.
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  • The Invisible Nation

    A story never before told on film
    This feature doc sheds light on the difficult reality faced by the Algonquin people of Quebec, many of whom live in poverty and lack basic human rights. This film gives a voice to the silenced.
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  • César's Bark Canoe

    How to build a canoe
    Learn how to build a canoe the old-fashioned way as Bernard Gosselin captures César Newashish plying his craft in this treasure of a documentary.
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