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NFB films with closed captioning and described video

The National Film Board of Canada has made many of its online films available with closed captioning for the deaf and described video for people with vision loss.
When closed captioning or described video is available for a given film, the DV or CC icon will appear in the control bar of the video player. Clicking on the icon will start the alternative version of the film. 

Finding films with CC or DV on

From the Explore All Films page, the different search options can be used to find films that are equipped with closed captioning and described video.

Other Web sites where you can find NFB films with closed captioning and described video

Across Cultures

Through the lens of a camera, discover part of the NFB collection documenting the contribution made to Canada by different ethnocultural communities.

Focus on Animation

Explore the NFB's rich animation heritage, learn about the techniques used in our films and discover some of our key filmmakers.

Aboriginal Perspectives

On this site you will be able to watch key NFB documentaries on Aboriginal themes from the 1940s to 2004 and learn about past and current issues relating to the lives of Aboriginal peoples.

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the films we offer online with closed captioning and described video. Please send us your comments and questions by writing to us at

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