• Nom du film

    The Grand Seduction

    Dying Newfoundland village desperately seeks doctor

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  • The Missing Picture

    Recreating the Cambodian genocide, a figurine at a time

  • United States of Africa

    A Senegalese rapper mixes beats and politics

  • Gasland

    Tap water so toxic it's flammable

  • The End of the Line

    No more seafood by 2048

  • Cries from the Deep

    Shipwrecks, icebergs and whales… oh, my!

  • From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning

    Pencil-drawn evolution on fast-forward

  • The Danish Poet

    Oscar® winner for Best Animated Short Film

  • Off to School

    No yellow bus around here

  • Happiness is Loving your Teacher

    Trials and tribulations of the physically disabled sub teacher

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