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What makes a bird’s-eye view of Canada even better?


This week, celebrate Canada Day by taking a coast-to-coast aerial photography tour of Canada in Helicopter Canada, a scenic Oscar®-nominated documentary. Nothing is quite the same as seen before; not even the iconic Niagara Falls. Take-off in 3, 2, 1…

In 1966, Helicopter Canada was Canada’s official centennial film. Filmed in Cinemascope, a wide aspect ratio which facilitated panoramic photography of vast and varied landscapes, the film was translated into 12 languages and distributed internationally to great acclaim.

Filmmaker Eugene Boyko had a special brace built to strap both the camera and himself in to a helicopter. He shot over an 18-month period, spending more than 540 hours in the air, shooting about 24 hours of footage, and even experiencing a few near-mishaps along the way.

From mining explosions to Arctic sleigh rides, the film’s images are accompanied by lively narration relating facts and figures about Canada (did you know that “Canadians make more telephone calls than any other people in the world”?)

Helicopter Canada was nominated for an Oscar® for Best Documentary Feature at the 39th annual Academy Awards. It also won 2 Genie Awards and took home first prize at the Canadian Travel Film Awards.

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