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NFB moment of the week

What’s Tarantino’s favourite bear-proof suit?

The one built by Troy Hurtubise!

This adventurous creator builds an anti-bear-attack-suit in Project Grizzly, an alternately hilarious and fascinating feature doc. Directed by Peter Lynch, the film has become a cult classic and counts Quentin Tarantino as a big fan.

The real star of this confounding yet entertaining film is Troy Hurtubise’s obsession with the armoured exoskeleton he’s dedicated his life to building: he gets clobbered by baseball bats, thrown off cliffs and hit by a pickup truck, all in an effort to test the suit.

Having amassed a cult following after its theatrical run in both Canada and the United States, Peter Lynch’s film—his first feature-length one—was even parodied on an episode of the The Simpsons (a real pop cultural achievement!)

On a Charlie Rose end-of-year film roundtable in 1996, Quentin Tarantino pronounced the film one of his favourites, calling it “fantastic”.

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