75 Years A HISTORY of looking forward

NFB moment of the week

What's the single greatest thing about the NFB?

You, the audience!

To return the love you've given us over the years, we've decided to start our 75th anniversary programming, NFB Memories, with a film of your choice. We put out a call on social media for you to tell us about your favourite NFB films, and you answered: the overwhelming popularity contest winner is Canada Vignettes: Log Driver's Waltz (1979).

  • "I LOVE the Log Driver's Waltz. 20 years ago I would watch it on CBC North with my grandmother who I recently lost... [now] I can share the experience with my own daughter. So many memories! #nostalgia" -Kona Lynn Sankey on Facebook
  • "It's funny how Canadian culture works, I think. We spend a lot of time defining ourselves by what we're not and decrying the lack of 'Canadian' art and culture without realizing how much our shared experiences and memories matter. My sister and I were having a discussion about ads from our youth and somehow this [Canada Vignettes: Log Driver's Waltz] came up. The two of us actually spontaneously broke out into song (we still knew almost all of the words!) and then googled it so my niece could see. It was a fun memory." - Amanda Kelly on Facebook

This film is not only one of our most popular of all time, it's also the most popular of the Canada Vignettes series (want to know more? Head over to our blog). Created by Oscar-winning animator John Weldon (Special Delivery), this timeless Canadian classic features the titular toe-tappingly memorable tune by Wade Hemsworth, sung here by Canadian folk music heroines Kate and Anna McGarrigle.