Wapos Bay: There's No 'I' in Hockey

In this first episode from the Wapos Bay series, Talon and his cousin T-Bear play on the same hockey team, but their relationship becomes strained when they both try to win the attention of Melanie, a girl on an opposing team. Meanwhile, Raven is having a little too much fun and not helping her grandmother prepare the Kohkum/Granddaughter bannock competition at the Festival. Frustrated by waiting for her granddaughter to help out, Kohkum quits preparing for the contest. The 3 children acquire some valuable lessons with the help of Kohkum and Mushom, Raven's grandfather. T-Bear learns how to be a team player, and Raven is determined to compete in the contest.

Wapos Bay is a Gemini Award-winning stop-motion animation series that follows the adventures of 3 kids from a Cree community in northern Saskatchewan.

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Jennifer Prokop
music composer
Ross Nykiforuk
production designer
Gloria Stefanson
director of photography
Paul Suderman
Dennis Jackson
Melanie Jackson
Anand Ramayya
Michael Scott
Dennis Jackson
Dennis Jackson
executive producer
Bob Crowe
Ray Ramayya
Graydon McCrea
Michael Scott
Gordon Tootoosis
Raven Brass
Taylor Cook
Eric Jackson
Krystle Pederson
Tyrone Tootoosis
DerRic Starlight
Mervin Brass
Andrea Menard
Tasha Moccasin
Delvin Kennedy
Joseph Naytowhow
story editor
Jordan Wheeler
stop motion animator
Bentley Poochay
Jordan Yaworski
Justin Scales
Gilbert Baldhead
Dennis Jackson
Melanie Jackson
character design
Carll Machiskinic
Bentley Poochay
costume designer
Cornellya Joss
Melanie Jackson
Gloria Stefanson
Daryl Pierce


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