Wapos Bay: It Came from Out There

In episode 26 from the Wapos Bay series, mysterious lights shine in the middle of the night. An area at the edge of town becomes fenced off. Jacob, Kohkum Mary, Uncle Peter and Chief Big Sky act even stranger than usual. Devon disappears, and then so does Talon. Faced with mounting mystery, T-Bear believes he is humanity’s last hope against an imminent alien invasion. Or is he…?

Wapos Bay is a stop-motion animation series that follows the adventures of 3 kids from a Cree community in northern Saskatchewan.

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Dennis Jackson
Dennis Jackson
Melanie Jackson
Anand Ramayya
Derek Mazur
Gordon Tootoosis
Taylor Cook
Eric Jackson
Raven Brass
Lorne Cardinal
Andrea Menard
DerRic Starlight
Jody Peters
Joseph Natohyow
Trevor Cameron
Danny Grummet
Charles Dumont
animation supervisor
Cam Lizotte
story editor
Sharon Riis
lead animator
Diana Gossner
Andrew Doll
Chris Cherepacha
Devon Loiselle
Lisa Lorenzo
Carolyn Ward
Shane Molloy
Bentley Poochay
Justin Scales
Joel Vanderzwan
Amber Rees
art director
Zane Knisely
costume design
Amalie Atkins
Amalie Atkins
Daryl Pierce
Randy Woods
sound effects
Daryl Pierce
Randy Woods
re-recording mixer
Evan Rust
executive producer
Derek Mazur


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