Vistas: Little Thunder

This animated short, inspired by the Mi'kmaq legend The Stone Canoe, explores Aboriginal humour. We follow Little Thunder as he reluctantly leaves his family and sets out on a cross-country canoe trip to become a man.

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Nance Ackerman
Alan Syliboy
Nance Ackerman
Alan Syliboy
Paton Francis
original music
Nance Ackerman
Jamie Alexander Alcorn
sound design
Nance Ackerman
Jamie Alexander Alcorn
Al Strickland
Al Strickland
Annette Clarke
executive producer
Kent Martin


  • rr

    “beautiful animation, story, and music. well done.” — rr, 30 Sep 2010


    “i love Little Thunder. I got the new Mikm'aq legends, as done by Sanger and Paul, although I don't know how (or if) they connect with this story. Is Little Thunder's story more well known than the new legends? I appreciate Little Thunder's dismay when the gift he receives is a Stone Canoe- it is a good analogy of how we often react to our gifts- we view them as shortcomings, when it may be our odd gifts that propel us beyond the dust. Kudos to the film-makers, the animators and musicians. This is a wonderful story. Thank you. ” —, 16 Feb 2010

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