Vistas: Ignition

This CG-animated film evokes the experience of driving alone on an unlit rural road at night. Darkness is broken by the beam of headlights, creating dancing shadows that obscure what lies beyond the road.

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Film Credits

Doug, Jr. Smarch
Doug, Jr. Smarch
Doug, Jr. Smarch
technical art consultant
Bob McAfee
Eliot Piltz
sound design
Gael MacLean
music composer
Robyn Traill
re-recording engineer
Doug Paterson
Yves J. Ma
executive producer
Tracey Friesen

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  • Appaloosaone

    “Very interesting and artistic. Not crazy about the music for this one. I was expecting some northern lights! Colours were excellent, so was fog.” — Appaloosaone, 23 Sep 2010

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