The Van Doos in Afghanistan

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  • 44 min

In this documentary, we hear directly from francophone soldiers serving in the Royal 22e Régiment (known in English as “Van Doos”) who were filmed in the field in March 2011, during their deployment to Afghanistan. They speak simply and directly about their work, whether on patrol or performing their duties at the base. The film's images and interviews bring home the complexity of the issues on the ground and shed light on the little-understood experiences of the men and women who served in Afghanistan.

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  • Zengarden17

    “Dulce et decorum est. There is no glory in war and Canada's involvement in Afghanistan is complex. I found this documentary to be compelling and it certainly provides Canadians with some insight into why these men and women are committed to the task of rebuilding Afghanistan. When they return to Canada I hope that Veterans Affairs and everyone else provides them with the support that they need in order to reintegrate into their old lives.” — Zengarden17, 12 Nov 2011

  • johnnyhonenote

    “Fullement on ma chose to do list aujourd'hui. Watched, vraiement l'enojoyed. Thanks NFB!” — johnnyhonenote, 11 Nov 2011

  • johnnyhonenote

    “Thank you NFB | Combat, convaincre, construire | Combat Convince Construct | Royal Van Doos, respect” — johnnyhonenote, 11 Nov 2011

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