Unitas Fratrum: The Moravians in Labrador

The Moravians, an early Protestant group, founded missions on the Labrador coast in the 18th century. Serving as a buffer between the Native people and the whalers, the Moravians laid the basis for a new society that blended traditional European and Inuit cultures. This film shows a year in the life of the Moravian mission of Nain and describes some of the stresses the modern world has brought to this isolated Arctic community. Interviewed are a retired teacher who came with the last European mission, and the first Native Moravian minister. (Telecast in the Man Alive series under the title Band of Brethren.)

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Film Credits

Hubert Schuurman
Hubert Schuurman
Rex Tasker
executive producer
Barry Cowling
Amanda McConnell
Hubert Schuurman
Herb Brown
Arthur Irwin
Hubert Schuurman
Rex Tasker
sound editing
Sean Whalen
Roy Bonisteel

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