Under the Hood, a Voyage into the World of Torture

Under the Hood, a Voyage into the World of Torture

This documentary traces the stories of several people who were tortured by democratic countries. September 11, 2001 saw the birth of a new world order. The war against terror now allows institutionalized violence to be exercised with full impunity. Patricio Henríquez also looks at the history of torture, as well as at the shameful history of American complicity with torturers, and calls for vigilance. Unless we believe in our collective values, we may be pushed to self-destruction by a new totalitarianism.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised


Patricio Henríquez
Patricio Henríquez
Patricio Henríquez
Colette Loumède
Andrea Henriquez
Sylvestre Guidi
Dominic Morissette
Patricio Henríquez
François Beauchemin
sound location
Karim Amin
Martin Asturias
Diego Cardone
Luc Côté
Korbett Matthews
Chady Roukoz
Philippe Scultéty
sound editing
Claude Langlois
Shelley Craig
original music
Robert Marcel Lepage
Korbett Matthews
Catherine Pappas
Patricio Henríquez
archives research
Marek Bagga
John Loggins
Stéphane Cadotte
executive producer
Robert Cornellier
Patricio Henríquez
Raymonde Provencher
Yves Bisaillon
Colette Loumède


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