Tying With the Community

  • Shira Avni,
  • ,
  • 3 min 24 s

Tying Your Own Shoes is an intimate glimpse into the exceptional mindsets and emotional lives of four adult artists with Down Syndrome. An artful, four-way essay about ability, this animated documentary explores how it feels to be a little bit unusual.

In her follow-up to her award-winning film, John and Michael, filmmaker Shira Avni pursues a deeper understanding of esteem and disability by inviting Petra, Matthew, Daninah and Katherine to consider their pasts, relationships and ambitions. Tying Your Own Shoes is a hybrid of auteur documentary and animation cinema, two forms with which The National Film Board of Canada has developed a world-renowned expertise over the past 70 years.

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Shira Avni
Shira Avni
Matthew Brotherwood
Daninah Cummins
Katherine Newton
Petra Tolley
Matthew Brotherwood
Daninah Cummins
Katherine Newton
Petra Tolley
Carrie Haber
original music
Luigi Allemano
sound design
Luigi Allemano
Karla Baumgardner
Shelley Craig
digital imaging specialist
Susan Gourley
Pierre Plouffe
location audio
Salim Hammad
location video
Salim Hammad
executive producer
David Verrall
Michael Fukushima


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