Twilight of an Era (1934-1939)

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This documentary examines some of the important events in Canada during the Depression years: the Moose River mine disaster, the great drought on the prairies and the introduction of a transatlantic air service between Canada and Europe. The film also looks at the major world events that influenced Canada: the abdication of the king of England; civil war in Spain; Hitler's rise to power and Canada's declaration of war on Germany. Part of the Between Two Wars series.


William Weintraub
William Weintraub
executive producer
Nicholas Balla
Michael McKennirey
Karl Duplessis
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Margaret Ellis
George Kaczender
Nicholas Balla
George Croll
Ted Haley
Eldon Rathburn
Joan Edward
Malca Gillson


  • sixam

    “The scene of the couple in a boat is not from the 1930s. Its from the 1947 short "Au Parc Lafontaine". I'm on to you NFB!” — sixam, 23 Jan 2014

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