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Tulku is a documentary film about young people caught between the modern culture they were born into and the ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture from which they were reborn. They are Western tulkus ‐ all of them recognized when they were children as reincarnations of great Tibetan Buddhist masters. Filmmaker Gesar Mukpo is one of them. In this film, he sets out to meet others like him ‐ young people struggling between modern and ancient, East and West.


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Film Credits

Gesar Mukpo
Gesar Mukpo
Gesar Mukpo
Dylan Henderson
Ashoka Mukpo
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
Wyatt Arnold
Ogyen Trinley, His Holiness Dorje
Reuben Adrian Derksen
Kent Martin
Rohan Fernando
Ethan Neville
Pablo Bryant
Ethan Neville
sound recordist
James Hoagland
Pablo Bryant
sound editor
Alex Salter
archival research
Gesar Mukpo
Allan Scarth
executive producer
Kent Martin

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