Toronto Boom Town

This short documentary studies the contrast between the sedate Toronto of the turn of the century and the thriving, expanding metropolis of 1951. Aerial views give evidence of the conversion of the old Toronto into the new--the city with towering skyscrapers, teeming traffic arteries, vast industrial developments and far-reaching residential areas housing over a million people.

Toronto's mid-century progress is also Canada's, as manifested in the building of Canada's first subway, and in the bustle of the nation's greatest trading centre--the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Leslie McFarlane
Leslie McFarlane
Sydney Newman
Jean-Marie Couture
John Foster
Nicholas Balla
Marion Meadows
Elwood Glover
Eldon Rathburn


  • qfranke

    “Why is it that to watch any movie on this site I have to go to google to find a youtube version. If you are not going to sow a movie WHY PRETEND THAT IT'S AVALIABLE!!!!!!” — qfranke, 20 Nov 2010

  • SheckyGrey

    “Two major "Hockey Night in Canada" connections here. The film is written and directed by Leslie McFarlane, the ghost writer for dozens and dozens of Hardy Boys books and the father of Hockey Night in Canada personality Brian McFarlane. The country bumpkin character of Mr. McConahie is played by Murray Westgate, best know as Hockey Night in Canada's Esso spokesperson, wishing viewers each week "Happy Motoring."” — SheckyGrey, 14 Sep 2010

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